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The National Research Foundation (NRF) internship program is aimed at providing an opportunity for South African undergraduate and Masters students to gain experiential learning and an opportunity to enhance workplace competencies.

Eligibility South African citizens under 35 years of age
Target Group Unemployed Science, Engineering and Technology graduates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.
Duration 12 months
Deliverables Interns gain on-the-job skills and competencies in a working research environment. Upon completion of the internship, students will be expected to produce a technical report, poster and a presentation.


The CPGR is a host institution for the National Research Foundation (NRF) internship programme. The programme caters for graduate and post-graduate students who are seconded to host institutions for a period of 12 months. At the moment, the CPGR accepts 2-4 candidates across the whole organisation each year. Successful candidates have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in many different technology areas, including bioinformatics. Following a 3-month initial training period, candidates focus on one platform or technology, working on a project to deepen their knowledge in a specific domain.

Please note that the application calls for NRF internships will be out from September-November in all National newspapers and on the NRF website:


To apply for an internship, an applicant needs to send a comprehensive CV together with certified copies of their ID document, academic transcripts (Degree certificate) and driver’s licence to the NRF. This should also be accompanied by a covering letter stating the position that the applicant is applying for. Applicants should apply when the call for applications is out, which is around September and October annually. Calls for applications are published in regional newspapers, DST and NRF websites, and notice boards at the Higher Education Institutions.


Interns gain on-the-job skills and competencies in a service oriented work environment.


Internships are only open to South African citizens that have graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Science, Engineering and Technology, and Research and Development areas of specialisation. Applicants must also be 35 years or younger

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