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All major training activities at the CPGR are based on our mission to create a community of empowered scientists. This end goal is comprised of three major objectives, namely:

  1. Increasing the understanding of how to apply “omics” technologies to solve biological and biomedical problems.
  2. Enhancing the capacity for analysis and interpretation of results generated by “omics” technologies.
  3. Developing innovation skills and capabilities.

Human Capital Development

Achieving these objectives is pivotal to effectively support South Africa’s efforts to becoming a leading bioeconomy. A major hallmark of CPGR’s Human Capital Development (HCD) program is to train African scientists, especially South African scientists, in generating and interpreting data obtained from genomics and proteomics  analytical platforms.

Our HCD efforts strive towards creating the following value-added outcomes:

  • Increased levels of “know-what” i.e. information about the technologies themselves.
  • Greater “know-how” i.e. understanding of possible approaches to solving scientific questions and how to use the technologies for that purpose.
  • Enhanced “what-to” capacity i.e. support and guidance in taking an idea from concept to data.
  • Better “where-to” (translational) knowledge for taking ideas and applications into the market place.

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