What is Genomics?

The field of Genomics encompasses the systematic study of the entire DNA sequence of an organism’s genome. The term includes analysis of the full complement of coding and non-coding RNA in a given biological system, otherwise known as Transcriptomics.

The Impact of Genomics

1. Accelerates

the identification of novel drug targets.

2. Facilitates

the identification of drug-risk profiles in early preclinical development.

3. Enhances

the stratification of patients enrolled in late-stage drug development.

4. Stimulates

the development of novel multivariate signature assays.

5. Supports

the identification of quantitative traits.

What We Offer?

1. GeneChip Arrays

Affymetrix Genechip System 3000 & Gene Titan (MC) Instrument

DNA, total RNA or FFPE samples can be submitted for analysis.

Quality control:
Quality control is carried out on all samples to determine sample concentration, purity and integrity.

Data is supplied via analytical report and Cel files are uploaded to a secure site for further analysis.

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Format: Single cartridge arrays. Batches up to 24 samples.


Format: 24 and 96 array plates. Specifically for high throughput.

2. Infinium Arrays 

Illumina iScan system

Quality Control:
Quality control is carried out on all DNA samples submitted to ensure that specific requirements (DNA concentration, DNA purity and high molecular weight DNA) are met.

After performing the genotyping, clients will be provided with a data quality control report and the raw data files in IDAT file format.

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3. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 

Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine™; Ion S5™; Illumina® MiniSeq™, MiSeq™ & NextSeq™

Depending on the assay, DNA, total RNA or sequencing libraries can be submitted.

Quality Control:
QC is carried out on all samples submitted and at several stages in the sequencing workflow. 

At the end of the project, clients receive a full analytical report and FASTQ files are made available for download from Basespace Sequence Hub.

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Research-Focused NGS


Sequencing Quality Guidelines

Ensure the quality of Illumina Sequencing Libraries with our quality control and quality assurance preparation guidelines.

4. qPCR

Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is used for measuring DNA.

Explore sample requirements, descriptions and outcomes.

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RNA Quality Guidelines

Ensure the quantity, purity and integrity of your samples meets our RNA Quality Checklist.

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