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RNA Sample Concentration and Purity Determination

Measure extracted RNA sample concentration and purity

Platform Nanodrop ND1000
Deliverables Analytical report with sample purity and concentration
Research Objectives Assess the efficiency of the method of RNA extraction, RNA sample concentration and purity
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To ascertain the efficacy of the method of RNA extraction and assess RNA sample concentration and purity before use in downstream applications.

Service Details

Samples are delivered to the CPGR on dry ice (RNA), at room temperature or on wet ice. An aliquot of the sample (1-2µl) is removed and measured on the Nanodrop ND 1000 after blanking with DNAse and RNAse Free Water or eluent buffer provided with the RNA extraction kit. If the presence of contaminants, salts and/or inhibitors is suspected (260/230 ratios > 1.5), ethanol precipitation will be performed to clean up the samples.

Service Deliverables

An analytical report will be provided detailing RNA sample concentration and purity. If sample clean up (ethanol precipitation) is required, the steps taken will be included in the report. The final RNA sample will be returned to the client when and if necessary.

Starting Material

  • RNA Concentration: 2-3700 ng/µl