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RNA Extraction

Low-throughput manual and semi-automated high-throughput RNA purification.

Platform Bench top
  • Analytical report
  • Raw data
  • RNA integrity number (RIN)
  • Extracted RNA sample
Research Objectives RNA isolation from whole blood samples, buccal swabs, blood spots, plant/mammalian/human tissue, amongst others
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  • RNA Sample Integrity
  • RNA Concentration and Purity


RNA can be purified from various sample types using optimised silica-membrane, spin-column technology from various manufacturers according to client preferences. Alternatively RNA can be purified using Trizol.

Service Details

A step-by-step, reproducible process is implemented according to the manufacturer’s protocol. This yields high quality RNA applicable for a range of downstream processes.

Service Deliverables

An analytical report is provided detailing the steps taken to isolate the RNA. Included in the report is the RNA integrity number. Clients will also be given access to the raw data generated. The isolated RNA of high quality and purity, as indicated by spectrophotometric analysis and evaluation on the Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer, will be delivered.

Starting Material

  • Kit specific volumes for:
    • Whole Blood Samples
    • Buccal swabs
    • Blood spots
    • Plant tissue
    • Human tissue
    • Bacterial cells, etc.