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Expression Profiling Microarrays

Comprehensive analysis of genome-wide expression on a single array.

Platform Affymetrix
  • Analytical report providing sample QC metrics
  • Probe intensity files (.CEL files)
Research Objectives This technology enables extensive applications for research into gene expression and has proved to be a useful tool for a range of expression profiling requirements. These include insights into gene function, regulatory mechanisms, identification of biomarkers and the determination of tissue specific gene expression patterns, the investigation of expression of individual exons and alternative splicing events within the same experiment
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  • Real-time qPCR Expression Profiling
  • RNA-seq


Whether within coding or non-coding regions of a genome, SNPs account for genetic variation within populations that can influence disease development or drug metabolism, to name a few. Life Technologies offer four-and-a-half million predesigned TaqMan® SNP assays that can be used to validate and screen a low to medium number of SNP markers in a high number of samples.

Service Details

Following DNA isolation and quality control, DNA samples are aliquoted onto a 384-well microplate along with the premixed TaqMan assay (probes and primers) and a PCR mastermix. Fluorescence readings are taken pre- and post-cycling using the ABI 7900HT.The normalised fluorescence readings are used to make a genotyping call and the data is displayed in the form of a scatter plot.

Service Deliverables

An analytical report will be provided containing an in-depth analysis of the project results. The report will include allelic discrimination scatterplots as JPEG files and genotype calls in Excel files (raw data). Sample quality control results will also be supplied. Bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of data is optional.

Starting Material

  • DNA Quantity:  10µl per SNP assay
  • DNA Concentration: 3-5 ng/µl