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Drug Metabolising Enzymes and Transporter Array

Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters (DMET) Plus genotyping arrays provide broad coverage of relevant pharmacogenetic markers (1,936 genetic variants across 231 relevant genes) in a single assay.

Platform Affymetrix
  • Analytical report
  • Raw .CEL files
  • QC measurements
Research Objectives Assessment of genetic markers known to influence drug metabolism. The assay is generally intended for clinical use in collaboration with Pharmaceutical Industry.
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The DMET Plus assay genotypes 1,936 high-value drug metabolism and transporter markers across 231 relevant genes (50 CYP450 enzymes, 45 Phase II enzymes, 64 drug transporters and 66 Transcription regulators & other enzymes). This coverage enables the discovery of new biomarker associations, the determination of drug responders versus non-responders and enables optimization of drug dosing. The assay has the potential to significantly impact clinical research by predicting the influence of an individual’s genetic variation on metabolic capacity. Understanding this information brings us closer to realising the ideal of personalised medicine by helping to avoid adverse drug responses, improving treatment efficacy, and providing improved healthcare outcomes with substantial economic benefits.

Service Details

The assay workflow entails multiplex PCR, gap fill to create padlock structures, fragmentation and labelling, and finally hybridisation to the array. Data is analysed using the DMET™ Plus Console and includes a set of three (3) controls to monitor assay performance.  Data is reported using star allele nomenclature so as to be understood by pharmacogeneticists.  The results can be interrogated using applicable databases.

Service Deliverables

An Analytical Report is provided containing an in-depth analysis of the project’s results, including sample QC. Data is reported using star allele nomenclature (for pharmacogeneticists). Raw data is also supplied in the report and bioinformatics support can be supplied, if necessary.

Starting Material

  • DNA Quantity:  1.5µg
  • DNA Concentration: 60 ng/µl