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High-throughput experimentation generates vast amounts of raw data. In order to assist you in handeling, analysing and interpreting this information, the CPGR offers standard bioinformatics services for genomics and transcriptomics.

Often, your research question will have unique properties and considerations, which is why we offer customised downstream analyses. We provide you with comprehensive reports that prioritise your results, and include publication-ready visualisations.

The Personal Touch

We understand that dealing with high-throughput data can be daunting, which us why we’re happy to provide individualised training. This assists you in understanding the mammoth amount of information you’re dealing with, and empowers you to handle big-data tasks.

The CPGR is undergoing ISO 9001:2008 certification, which serves to confirm that we perform analyses according to industry best practices. Our standard services are validated workflows that are regularly audited and updated to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your data.

  • Prokaryotic Genome Annotation
    Prokaryotic genome sequences are analysed to identify putative genes and their likely functions, based on high-quality annotations in public databases, producing an annotated data set that is ready for downstream analyses, submission to ENA-EMBL, and comparison to similar genomes
  • DNA-seq analysis
    Analysis of high-throughput DNA sequencing for the detection of somatic and disease associated variants
  • RNA-seq Analysis
    Analysis of high-throughput RNA sequencing for the detection of differentialy expressed genes and somatic and disease associated variants
  • Differential Expression Analysis
    Detect differentially expressed genes using CEL files generated from an Affymetrix expression experiment
  • Genotyping Analysis
    Characterise SNPs, CNV and LOH from CEL files generated from an Affymetrix genotyping experiment