Routine Testing



What is Routine Testing?

South Africa has a unique disease profile burden. Additionally challenged by one of the world’s highest rates of TB and HIV and an increasing shift towards Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This is complicated by a lack of understanding of the contribution of the African ‘genome’ to disease development. With a historical focus on Caucasian populations for biomedical research, diagnostic solutions are presently not available to the majority of South Africa’s population.

At the CPGR, cutting-edge Genomics expertise is available to develop and implement applications with advanced clinical utility in areas such as oncology, reproductive health, paediatrics, pharmacogenetics or nutrigenetics. Through Precision Medicine and Routine Testing, we contribute positively towards future discovery and medical innovation.

What We Offer?

CPGR offers routine diagnostic services through our subsidiary Artisan Biomed, including Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), Exome Sequencing and Be Happy To Be You (DNA ancestry test).

Introducing Artisan Biomed

A startup initiated by the CPGR, Artisan Biomed aims to advance Precision Medicine solutions by developing and implementing three distinct solutions:

Provision of precision disease & health management services

Translational research services

Development of tailored medical solutions for people of African descent

The ability to manage and analyse large and complex data-sets has grown tremendously over the last few years stimulating ‘big data’ and population health initiatives. Artisan Biomed supports this by introducing innovative tests to healthcare systems in Africa to create novel medical solutions for people of African descent.

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