Being involved in various activities that carry a ‘Precision Medicine’ label, getting to grips with what may be called a ‘Precision Medicine system’ is imperative.

Here, my interest is not to resolve semantics but to grasp the complexity of a system we have to deal with. My aim is to have a useful model to work with.

This (getting to grips) isn’t a simple task, owing to the diversity of stakeholders involved and the emergent nature of the system.

In the schematic shown below, I have used one particular approach, using a flower as a model to depict the system and its (what I believe) main components: Research & education is the root system; the stem and leaves represent Translation; the bloom is the actual medical system. The patient is at the center / top of the picture (1).

I have stuck to using the term ‘Precision Medicine’ despite it being ambiguous; alternative descriptors (eg Genomic Medicine, Translational Medicine) would equally well apply.

I am sharing this in the interest of stimulating new insights and alternative perspectives. I’d be keen to hear / see what components I have missed or to find better ways of linking them together.

Precision Medicine Ecosytem


Precision Medicine components

Translational Ecosystem components

Research Ecosystem components