CPGR introduces the Axiom® Microbiome Array, an easy, streamlined solution for microbial profiling. It enables researchers to detect all known microorganisms in a sample with a single assay. The Array provides species- and strain-level detection on a scalable platform with straightforward, easy-to-use software.

Using Axiom assay biochemistry, Axiom® Microbiome Solution interrogates non-polymorphic sequences in both family-conserved and target-specific regions from NCBI database sequences. Axiom Microbiome Array detects over 12,000 organisms including archaea, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. The array content is sample-type agnostic, suitable for applications in nutrigenomics, agrigenomics, and animal research.

Axiom Array Organisms

Key features of the array are:

  • 12,000 organisms on pan-microbial array
  • Species, strain and sequence level resolution
  • Scalable platform (24, 96 formats)
  • Straight forward analysis software
  • Genetic profiling of all organisms present in a sample in one single assay (bacteria, virus, fungi, archaea, protozoa)
  • Higher accuracy than 16S sequencing
  • Multiple probes (35mers) were designed for each organism found in public databases
  • Available at the CPGR at R 2,199,- (inclusive of VAT) for orders of 96, or more, received by the 31st of December 2016.

Axiom array process


The Axiom® Micriobiome array supports a wide range of applications in a diversity of research areas:

Axiom Array Applications

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